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Intermediate Chef Knife Class

Intermediate Chef Knife Class

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There are 2 students and 1 instructor for this class.

This is an intermediate class. The requirements for this class are:

*You must have already taken an intro class from myself or Brent (Join or Die) 

*OR you must be an active maker with at least 10 knives built on you own.

Build a 7” (blade length) hidden tang (Wa Handle) culinary knife in a one day class! We'll start by discussing design and purpose. From there you will design your own blade and pick your handle material. You will next be guided through the heat treatment process. We will then drill and assemble the wa handle. We will take a lunch break (lunch will be provided) while our steel is tempering. We'll then grind the bevels into our blades. Next we do handle sculpting (separate from the blade) and glue up. Finally the knives are sharpened and we do a recap/q&a.

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