Collection: Classes

We have knife making classes for everyone. From the beginner, to the weekend warrior, to the pro, we’ll improve your skill set or just get you started. No experience necessary! Class sizes are small (2-4 students per class) and allow you to receive a lot of hands on instruction and knowledge.  

Intro classes are for beginners to learn how to use the equipment and understand the knife making process or for weekend warriors trying to learn a few new tricks. 

Intermediate classes are for those with a few knives under their belt or those who have taken the intro class. These usually consist of some more advanced techniques and challenging builds.

Pro level classes are for experienced knife makers trying to expand their skill set. These are forging classes focused on pattern welding and advanced handle building. These classes are usually two and a half days and only done a few times a year. 

All knife making classes are held here in our shop in Richmond Virginia. We work with temperatures ranging from 1500-1800 degrees. We work on belt grinders that throw sparks and run loud. We provide safety glasses, gloves and ear plugs. If there are any concerns about safety please contact us.